Why choose powder coating? Powder coating is an electrostatically applied  coating that is more durable and different than traditional paints. Powder coats are flexible coatings that allow the finish to be less prone to scratching and chipping because it can absorbs impacts better.   It is environmentally friendly and cost effective.    It has many applications for both consumer and commercial use. 

What can be powder coated? Vibrant Finish LLC can powder coat all types of metal including aluminum, steel, stainless, titanium and magnesium.  All items are first cleaned and stripped, sandblasted and chemical treated before powder coating.  This insures a long lasting product that will look great for years to come.  Items we typically powder coat but not limited to are wheels & rims, automotive parts like brake calipers and intake manifolds, railings and fencing, metal patio furniture, and batch small piece work of fabricated items. Vibrant Finish should be your first choice in powder coating.

What is our powder coating process? Our standard procedure for powder coating is a multi step process.  Typically we first chemically strip the existing paint or powder coating, then we clean and outgas the part, once clean we sandblast for better surface preparation and mechanical adhesion, a chemical pre-treatment stage may be used depending on application, any surfaces may get plugged or masked, then powder coating is applied with our professional grade equipment, curing is done in one of our 2 batch ovens. Our largest oven is 8ftx8ftx15ft allowing us to do items up to 15ft long!  We are able to provide custom powder coat finishes on small and large items separating us from the rest in the area.  We use 2 Greensolv strip tanks to have the safest and most effective chemical stripper in the market.

We are pleased to offer vehicle storage while your wheels are being powder coated.  We offer next day turnaround by appointment only. 


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