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Wheel & RIM repair in Philadelphia


We fix Curb Rash! Vibrant Finish LLC has repaired and refinished thousands of wheels since 2013. We can repair and resurface curb marks and scuffs.  Wheels are properly filled by Aluminum TIG welding and then resurfacing before paint or powder coating.  Your rims will look better than new!

We Fix Cracks! Aluminum wheels are TIG welded in-house.  Schedule an appointment to have the wheel diagnosed and fixed while you wait.

We Fix Bends!  Do you feel vibrations while driving? We can diagnose if your rim needs straightening with a simple appointment.   We can fix the wheel while you wait with our Hydraulic Wheel Straightener.  We then mount and balance your tire to ensure you will have a smooth ride in the future.


We Diamond Cut Wheels!  Wheels are diamond cut in-house with our CNC wheel lathe. This allows us to refinish most factory wheels that have machined faces.  After welding the damaged area, we CNC machine the curb rash smooth again. Recreate your factory rim finish or change the color with a diamond-cut wheel face. We recommend full refinishes by powder coating the wheel color, diamond cutting the face, and then using a powder coat clear top coat. 

We Refinish Wheels! Choose to paint-match your factory color or select a color from our samples.  We recommend powder coating for wheel refinishes as it is a more durable and cost-effective approach to wheel refinishing.  We can also use automotive paints to match your existing color as well. Our consultants will help you decide which coating process makes the most sense for you!  All work is done in-house to maintain the highest level of quality control.


Turnaround time matters - we keep you rolling as soon as possible. Same-day service on wheel straightening and crack repairs. Next-day service when you drop a vehicle off for wheel powder coating and rim repair. 

2-3 day service on most other wheel jobs.


Your vision will become a reality.

Contact us now for more information at

Offering A Variety of Wheel & Rim Services in the Philadelphia Area

From minor scrapes to catastrophic bends, our wheel repair and rim refinishing services restore and enhance rides with long-term improvement in mind. With advanced wheel repair equipment and a beautiful selection of finishing options, our comprehensive wheel services are designed to boost the value, safety, and performance of your setup for years to come. 

Even seemingly harmless surface damage can lead to costly corrosion or dangerous wheel failures. The best solution? Protect yourself and your ride with a quick wheel evaluation, and affordable rim repair with our customizable wheel refinishing in Philadelphia. 

Alloy Wheel Repair & Wheel Refinishing in PA With Benefits

Aside from obvious damage caused by major accidents or a serious curb gash, subtle wheel damage like metal microfractures or blemishes in the paint can be difficult to detect until rust or a more noticeable (and expensive or dangerous) rim issue emerges. With proactive safety and cost savings in mind, we protect our Philadelphia clients with the knowledge and affordable rim crack repairs they need to establish a stronger wheelbase.

Whether you’re dealing with early signs of corrosion, road debris damage, or pothole-related alignment issues, we accurately diagnose, offer more ways to resurface your rims, and master the improvement for wheel performance you can trust in. Even if you invest in rim straightening or a wheel repair for aesthetic value alone, every vehicle that leaves our Philadelphia, PA shop is backed by multistep processes for secure welds, seamless coatings, diamond cut wheel repairs, and reliable road safety. 

Our Philadelphia rim repair shop offers custom rim refinishing for rim upgrades and repairs. Our rim shop is dedicated to both rim and wheel repair that ensures professional wheel refinishing. 

When you trust in our pros at Vibrant Finish to manage your rim welding, provide diamond cut wheel repair, or customize powder coating in Philadelphia, our stronger upgrades in PA provide: 


  • Weather resistance

  • Scratch protection

  • UV resistance

  • Improved wheel safety

  • Corrosion prevention

  • & More…

Contact The Best Rim Repair Shop in Philadelphia

Before purchasing a new wheel or applying an inferior paint, we’ll gladly show you how rim straightening, rim crack repair, and wheel refinishing is often the better option for your finances, aesthetics, and the long-term performance of your ride.

Thanks to our well-equipped shop, we are proud to refinish rims, offer custom alloy wheel repairs, and provide wheel straightening in Doylestown for any size and style of wheel. Following your precision rim welding repair or rim refinishing, you can expect an immaculately clean look, perfect wheel alignment, and the best follow-up support in Philadelphia, PA if you ever need help with a wheel upgrade in the future. 

Looking for a specific tire, diamond cut wheel repairs, or have questions about our rim repair in Bucks County? Our wheel-saving expertise and protective coatings are available for other essential projects like high-heat ceramic coating for internal components, powder coating for outdoor furniture, and other essentials like wheel mounting and alignment service.

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