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Wheel & Rim Specialists

Powder Coating vs Painting Wheels? Although we do both, we recommend powder coating when possible as it is a more durable finish and is less expensive to fully refinish a wheel compared to traditional paints.  We can also provide quicker turnaround times on powder coating vs painted wheels because the curing times are done in the oven.  Powder coating is chip and scratch resistant compared to painted wheels.  There are some instances where a specific color can only be achieved by painting the rim.  Our consultants will help you decide between painting vs powder coating your wheels.

We Mount Tires! Vibrant Finish LLC uses professional tire changing and wheel balancing machines.  Removing the tires for wheel repair and powder coating is necessary, our technicians do this in house saving you the hassle!  Once the wheels are coated, we remount and balance your tire safely, with a scratch free guarantee. A properly balanced wheel is extremely important for a smooth ride and handling on your vehicle.  In addition to our tire services, we sell many brands and sizes of tires.  We are sure to meet your needs at an extremely competitive price.

We Take Your Car! We offer next day service when leaving your car with us to have the wheels powder coated.  We have the space and right equipment to accommodate vehicle drop offs compared to traditional powder coaters in the area.  We use lifts in house along with tire changing and wheel balance machines to safely remove and install wheels and tires. 

We Fix Bends! Vibrant Finish LLC offers wheel straightening, crack repair, welding, and curb rash repair.  We can diagnose if your rim needs straightening with a simple appointment.   We offer split wheel rebuilds and finishing in house. Specialty finishes include traditional polishing and brushing of lips and barrels.  


Turnaround time matters - we keep you rolling as soon as possible. 


Same-day service on wheel straightening and crack repairs. 

Next-day service when you drop a vehicle off for wheel powder coating and rim repair. 

2-3 day service on most other wheel jobs.


Your vision will become a reality.

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