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Wheel Repair in Levittown, PA

Since 2013, our pros at Vibrant Finish have successfully restored thousands of cracks, bends, and unsightly wheel issues with lasting durability in mind. As full-service wheel repair and coating specialists, we address structural problems as well as cosmetic flaws concerning your budget, aesthetic preferences, and overall performance needs.

We Can Fix:

  • Cracks

  • Bends

  • Curb rash

  • & More

If you’re dealing with curb rash or early signs of corrosion, our like-new refinishing expertise can completely reset the lustrous appearance of your wheels. After we diamond-cut away the surface flaws with CNC precision, the refreshed surface can be utilized as is, or we can enhance the finish with a fresh powder coat or a diamond-cut wheel repair if you’re after vibrant style and proven protection. 

Since our fine-tuned alloy wheel repair equipment is programmed on a wheel-by-wheel basis, our methodical processes are the perfect option for custom wheels that deserve to be preserved. Approaching an alloy wheel repair in this way minimizes your costs, prevents progressive damage caused by surface imperfections, and is quickly completed in a day or two. 

Do You Need Cracked Wheel Repair or Wheel Straightening Services?

Unsure if you need a completely new set of wheels or if you can save with a cracked wheel repair instead? We offer helpful wheel evaluations at Vibrant Finish. Since the severity of bends and fractures can be difficult to gauge at first glance, our complimentary investigations will provide you with a clear path toward the most appropriate alloy wheel repair option.

Instead of purchasing a new set of wheels, we can often provide a lower-cost rim straightening and wheel alignment to get you back on track. In other instances, like cracking that seems beyond repair, our professional TIG welds in Bristol and Levittown reinforce failing wheels to their original structural integrity. 

Whatever the surface or structural concern, we will connect you with a realistic solution that you can feel confident in. With every wheel repair in Newtown, PA, or Levittown, PA, we also offer: 

  • Free estimates

  • Vehicle Storage

  • Support for any wheel size/style

  • Multiple coating styles to safeguard your wheels

  • New tires, wheel alignment services, & much more

Take Your Allow Wheel Repair to the Next Level in Levittown & Bristol, PA

Hoping to prevent future wheel issues caused by road debris, salt, and elemental forces that can quickly erode the luster or value of your wheels? Following an affordable wheel straightening or cracked wheel repair in Bristol, the easiest way to prevent avoidable wheel costs is with powder coating. 

When you top off your rim repair with the best powder coats in Levittown or Bristol, PA, you protect your fresh wheel repair from:

  • Corrosion

  • Scratches

  • Chemicals

  • & More


If your wheels are beginning to show signs of wear and tear, such as chips, gouges, scuffs, and cracks, bring them to the professionals at Vibrant Finish for complete rim refinishing. 


Wheels sustain much of their damage by driving over low-quality surfaces, such as broken pavement, as well as rubbing against curbs. No matter what has damaged your wheels, at Vibrant Finish, you can be sure we can fix them up using our standard refinishing process. Our rim refinishing, diamond cut wheel repair, or wheel repair in Feasterville, PA can help restore your existing wheels and save you money in the long run! Stop by our Bristol area garage today! 

Contact Us For More Information

Need an emergency rim repair or rim straightening on short notice? Our hard-working team is committed to rapid turnaround times and consistent quality. Whether you need a single wheel repaired or you’re after a fresh refinish, powder coat, and wheel alignment, our streamlined care is designed to get you back on the road in less time. 

For a freewheel repair estimate, like-new wheel straightening, or to learn more about industry-leading powder coating expertise, get in touch with our team at Vibrant Finish for the best wheel care in Levittown and Bristol today.

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